Sergio was there for us literally every step of the way.

Where to start? That’s where my husband and I were two years ago. First time home buyers who had no clue what we were doing or really even what we wanted. My husbands childhood home became available and through a stroke of luck his online inquiry put us in touch with Sergio. The house had been a  disaster and Sergio immediately started working with us to find our perfect home. 2 years later we are finally home owners. My husband and I were extremely indecisive and beyond trigger shy. Being a younger married couple taking on a mortgage is a big deal. For literally 2 years ( We had a child and Sergio and his wife had a child in between) Sergio took the time to send us listings and show us listings. He never treated us beyond amazing regardless of our age, indecisiveness, lack of real estate knowledge, or our budget. Literally 2 years of home shopping with a couple who was not sure if they were ready. He was never pushy, the exact opposite sharing his personal experiences and giving advice through out the process, to only purchase when we were comfortable and when we loved the home. We finally found it. Multiple bumps on the road later from the seller having a new agent and a so to speak non existent lending company, Sergio was there for us literally every step of the way. Even the purchase transaction he was there when we signed our papers to go over them when our own lender was not. He made sure our best interests were taken care of even to his own expense, literally, at some points. Sergio is an amazing realtor and after two years I’m happy to say friend. You will not find a better realtor that will truly have your best interests at heart, and make sure you are completely happy and comfortable in your new home.